Tune in Monday – Friday and don’t miss a minute of the hustle.

Sam and Sergio met networking around Silicon Valley (basically, a story of networking gone very, very right). In January 2017, they launched a podcast. Sam was excited. Sergio was not. Fast forward a year and a rebrand later (everyone’s excited now!), and what was a weekly South Bay news show is now a podcast network – 2 guys, 3 girls = 5 unique views of the Silicon Valley, every weekday, every week.

You could say each of the WhatUp team is a Silicon Valley enthusiast. Each bringing their unique perspectives (as South Bay cool kids, transplants from the Central Valley and the Deep South…), the WhatUp team’s bring the best of the Bay in every episode, whether we’re talking sports, branding, real estate, your work/life balance, or the hustle (and grind) of your Day Job.

Sam’s obsessed with Fantasy Football, hazy IPA's, and meeting his goals.

Sergio’s an insufferable Howard Stern fan(atic) and he's also really Italian (shocking?).

Aubrie’s a weekend warrior, trailblazing and has been known to sleep in her car (by choice and on purpose).

Jess comes locked and loaded with essential oils and perspective only purposeful, practiced zen and diffused lavender can bring.

Hannah errs on the side of frenetic, leading the team in worrying about everything that really doesn’t matter, including the wording of this sentence.

The most impressive thing about the team is that somehow it all actually works.